Maa manikeswari (Bhaawanipatana )

Maa manikeswari , It is situated at Bhaawanipatana, Kalahandi, Odisha. It is about 430 k. m. From Bhubaneswar. You may go there with the help of bus from Baramunda bus stand (Bhubaneswar) . But if you want to go with train its u travel kesinga from Bhubaneswar then you will go by bus or taxi about 30 km. to reach there.

Maa manikeswari

About the temple:

The temple is worshiped by the tribal people of Kalahandi. Maya manikeswari  is worshiped at the king’s palace, bhawanipatana. Between (1854-1881) the temple construction was started  by the king uditpratap do. It was completed by his grandson Mazara Braja Mohan Deo .The door of the temple remained always closed at any time of a year but at the time of dusserah mahastami the door is open at the midnight for worship.

If want to go for picnic it is the best place. If you visit the temple then you visit bawanishaker temple, Balaji temple, glassware temple, ramswami temple and theJagannath temple. These temples are 1 to2 k.m. From the famous temple. then you can go to file waterfall. It’s about 15 k.m. From bhawanipatana.


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