Kapilash Temple Dhenkanal Odisha

Kapilash Temple is one of the oldest and finest temples of the state. It is popularly known as the Kailash temple. It is situated in the north eastern part of Dhenkanal town. The main tower of the temple is 60 feet tall. There are two approaches for the temple. One is by climbing 1352 steps and the other is 'Barabanki' or travelling by the twisting way. King Narasinghdeva I of Ganga Dynasty constructed the temple for Sri Chandrasekhar in 1246 A.D as indicated in the Kapilash temple inscription. In the left side of the temple the 'Payamrta Kunda' and on the right side the 'Marichi Kunda' exist. The temple has a wooden Jagamohana. Sri Ganesh, Kartikeya, Gangadevi, etc. Are found in the temple.

The temples of Narayana and Viswanath on the hilltop are also popular places of pilgrimage. Some distance away is a ridge on which stands the relics of a ruined fort and a few ancient caves.The deer park was the solitary attraction of the foothills till a science park was built adjacent to it. For children, the two parks remain the top draw of Kapilash.

The tourism department of the Orissa government provides the best accommodation option. Not only is its Panthashala quite comfortable, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare is available at reasonable rates.You can also go on an excursion to Joranda, now growing in popularity among tourists. Followers of the Mahima cult visit Joranda as pilgrimage. It is also famous for handicrafts.

The hills around Kapilash form the rough boundary of the Cuttack and Dhenkanal districts. Of the numerous peaks, the loftiest is Kapilash.The abode of Shiva comes alive during the most important festival of the region, Shivratri. Thousands of pilgrims gather here from various parts of the state. Some come from as far off as Cuttack. Devotees carry the water of the Mahanadi in earthen vessels on their shoulders. They trek barefoot to the hilltop before pouring the water on the Shivling. The fair held to celebrate the occasion continues for three days.


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