water falls in orissa

Beautiful Mountain Waterfall besides a temple, falling in a deep pond, this contains numerous large fish often jumping out of water to feed on the offerings thrown from temple. Surrounded by lush green Jungle, environment truly cool, calm and shrine. A place to be when you want to be away from hustle bustle and be yourself.
Devkund Waterfalls Upper reaches of stream offer plenty to the adventure loving, absolutely clean and cool water to enjoy bathing in open. Not much of the regular visitors out there neither much to feat for wild animals in day time. Take care to be out of sanctuary before dark as elephants are
present in the area.

Barehipani Falls is located at the middle area of Simlipal national park in the district of Mayurbhanj. It is one of the tallest falls in India. It is known to be flow from a height of around 399 meters. It is a beautiful two-tiered waterfall. The waterfall is famous all over the country for its breathtaking beauty. This flowing cascade of water gushes out from a wide cliff that captivates the eye of the visitors.Barehipani FallsThe Joranda falls is situated close to the Barehipani waterfalls. This waterfall can be viewed all through the year. The waterfall Barehipani is a major tourist attraction and a large number of tourists come to visit this matchless beauty every year. Located amidst natural surroundings, the Barehipani falls allow the tourists to enjoy its appalling beauty in a calm and serene atmosphere. The tourism department of Orissa has taken special care to protect the environs in, which the waterfalls are located.

Sanaghagra located at a stone’s throw distance of just 5 km from the district of Keonjhar, Sanaghagra Waterfalls captures the imagination of the spectators. The cascading waterfall comes down with a spray from a height of 30 meters.

Sanaghagra WaterfallsOne of the worth seeing Orissa waterfalls, Sanaghagra is clever with natural eye-catching. The enchanting waterfall is a favorite picnic spot of Orissa that draws several local citizens and tourists from far and wide that are enthralled by the attractive beauty of the place. The tourists are offered with a great opportunity to experience the natural splendor of the Orissa.

Sangahagra fall is wonderful for those who want to spend some time with their close family and friends. Far from the crowded and busy streets of the cities, the serene and calm surrounding of the area relieve the tourists from the stress and strains of regular life.

The Khandadhar Falls is whispered to be the second highest after the Barehipani Falls, if not the tallest waterfall in Orissa. The Khandadhar Falls is categorized as a horsetail waterfall. This perpetual waterfall of Khandadhar Falls is one of the most outstanding gifts of nature. A jewel in the tourist circuit of the Sundargarh region, the Khandadhar Falls is located amidst the lush greenery of unpolluted forests and virgin nature.

Khandadhar FallsThe beauty of the Khandadhar Falls multiplies during the monsoon months when the water from the Koprani Nala, a rivulet, overflows and it drops down as a fall from a height of 800 feet. It is located at a distance of 60 kilometers from Keonjhar which is easily accessible from Kolkata and Bhubaneswar.


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